SUPER PRO-Z STYLE - shows more glute, less coverage & slightly lower front.

2" rouching at top of back for detail.

Easy Ordering Options:

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Men's Classic Physique

Posing Suits

                 $54 each CDN$

Ordering Tip:

Don't forget that you may loose more inches due to depleting before your show... if you are a 32.5" hip measurement now, and have weeks to go - you may be better ordering the medium size, rather than large.

** Any questions, just contact us directly. We are more than happy to assist you with sizing.

Classic Physique sizing (hip measurement)

Small:  28" to 29.5"      Medium: 30" - 32"

Large: 32.5" - 34"        * XL upon request

*contact us with any questions

Men's Classic Physique suits are STOCK

PRO STYLE - more glute coverage and higher front. Standard 2" rouching at top of back for detail.



We do carry a small selection of BODYBUILDING posing suits in our studio for quick shipping, so let us know if you are in need of something last minute!

Please allow 7-10 working days for custom production (and shipping time)

Check out some of our

Diamond Line & Crystal Suit

merchandise in Accessories

Photos courtesy of Dave Laus

Sizing your Men's bodybuilding suit is easy!

1.  We need your "hip" measurement to determine proper fit.

(We will contact you for confirmation)

2.  Choose your fabric colour

3.  Let us know what kind of fabric you want us to use:

     Silky - slight sheen to fabric

     Velvet - low pile ultra soft

     Shiny - very glittery like our ladies suit fabric

4.  Style: Pro or Super Pro-Z

5.  You can call or e-mail us to place your order. Please allow 10 working days for production

     +  shipping time.We do NOT arrange private appointments for our Men... as fitting is so simple!

Bodybuilding sizing (hip measurement)

Small:  28" to 29.5"      Medium: 30" - 32"

Large: 32.5" - 34"         XLarge: 34.5" - 36"

We make our Men's Posing Suits with the highest quality. 

Bodybuilding and Classic Physique

MEN'S Bodybuilding

Posing Suits

                            $50 each CDN$