$150 each or "bundle" with your custom competition suit order to get for half price!

 We also offer TEAM colour practice suits - coaches...

get on board to have your athletes ​show your colours!

Our ladies bikini, figure or physique category

practice posing suits do NOT have connectors,

centerpieces or crystals added ON PURPOSE!

We wanted to make a garment you can crumple up, throw in your gym bag and sweat in!

Posing practice should be a work out... holding your poses, perfecting the twist of your physique and strutting your stuff after a work out won't hurt this suit!


Many ladies prefer black or a dark colour, so you don't show any sweat marks.

All practice suits are made to the same high standards as our custom competition suits with the same top quality lining and elastics.

Choose black or whatever colour you want. For fun, pick bright coloured straps or trim - it's really up to you. 

We prefer not to do prints or add connectors to avoid a busy look, so you can concentrate on how your physique is looking in those mirrors!


You can choose our standard cuts, or contact us if you are unsure. We find many of our athletes prefer a little MORE coverage for posing practice... so they don't have to worry about bikini biting their practice suits. If you want the fit exactly as your custom Crystal Suit... we can do that for you too!